Kumagai Garden  Kumagai Rear Pool Deck Day Kumagai Garden Day Kumagai Pool Deck Kumagai KitchenKumagai Kitchen Kumagai Main Hallway Kumagai Entry HallKumagai Main HallwayKumagai Living Room

Kumagai Childs Bedroom

Kumagai Swimming Pool

Kumagai Master Bedroom

Kumagai Livingroom

Kumagai Entry

Kumagai Swimming Pool Deck





























Kumagai Residence

This residence is located in Santa Monica, California. It is a 1,500 sf home with a swimming pool loca

ted in the center of the building.  Stainless steel columns suspend the roof as they dive into the bottom of the pool.  All floors are dyed concrete with radiant heating.  Large openings of sliding glass panels create plenty of cross breeze on those warm days.  And having the house located to one side of the lot creates a large open area in the rear yard.

Completed in 2005.